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In News

Mobile games without annoying ads? This Indian startup wants that to be a reality

- Games In Asia

India-based startup Greedygame is looking to help mobile developers and brands super-charge their efforts (and revenue). And it plans to do so without interrupting gamers with endless waves of ads.
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Making InGame Advertisements Non Intrusive – The GreedyGame Story

- The Campus Entrepreneur

Gaming Industry has seen a huge growth in the past few years. We all have at some point acted like digital zombies hunched over, glued to our smartphones and tablets, isolated and disengaged from the world playing games and then getting annoyed if we click on an advertisement by mistake. But not anymore, GreedyGame is here for the rescue.
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IITians Develop An Integrated Advertising Platform For Game Developers

- Indianweb 2

Game developers can create themes with their dynamic in-game assets such as characters, coins, power-ups, skins, textures etc and target users with localized themes. Rather than keeping the game static, developers can leverage viral events and key festivals to enhance their user retention and increase game’s reach without updating the games on app stores.
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India’s GreedyGame Selected for Google’s Blackbox Connect Program

- I Am Wire

GreedyGame – a Noida based native in-game advertising platform, has been selected for the Google for Entrepreneurs supported Blackbox Connect program at Silicon Valley. It empowers game developers to localize game dynamics based on events, locations and time and also contextualize in-game brand placement for game monetization.
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Arink Verma

CTO, co-founder

Start-up and opensource enthusiast. Love to build and develop things.

Arpit Jain

CEO, co-founder

Passionate about solving problems and creating valuable experiences.