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Native Ads + Great Design

= High ROI

Admob Native Advanced Support | Remote Design Configuration | 5 minute Integration

Use Native Ads to Monetize your App

GreedyGame is developing the next generation mobile platform for game and app developers. This combines proprietary technology and expertise in mediation, RTB, image rendering, and audience segmentation. These tools enhance native ad performance ensuring user satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the ad.

CPM Calculator - top admob native ads advanced example

Learn How to

Native ads integration in 5 Minutes


Install our SDK to your project. We support Unity, Cocos2d-x​, Android, and iOS.

Setup your ad units. It can be of any shape and size that fits well with your game UI. You have total control.

Test your game with real ads and real-time stats. Experience native ads as your users would see it.

Go-Live with your game and start making money instantly.

Premium Demand, Premium CPMs

With just one GreedyGame SDK, access and manage global advertising demand from over 100 real-time bidding DSPs. With GreedyGame’s unified bidding tool your inventory will be filled by the highest-paying demand source guaranteeing 90% fill rates.



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